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Welcome to Electric Lash Artistry

Introduction to Electric Lash Artistry

Welcome to Electric Lash Artistry, Birmingham's premier lash studio.

We specialize in creating stunning lash extensions tailored to your unique style.  

Our master lash artists, led by Brigs Abernathy, are dedicated to enhancing your natural beauty with the highest quality lashes. Learn more about us.


At Electric Lash Artistry, we offer a wide range of lash services to meet your needs:

  • Eyelash Extensions: From classic to volume, we have the perfect lash extensions for you. Explore our lash extensions.

  • Lash Lifts and Tints: Enhance your natural lashes with our lash lifts and tints. Find out more.

  • Training Courses: Become a certified lash artist with our top hybrid lashes training courses. Enroll now.

Our Services

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Brigs is the best

Brigs is the best; she really knows what she is doing! Ladies and men: 10/10 would recommend for lashes & brows!


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What Sets Us Apart

Highly Trained, Certified Lash Artists

Birmingham's home to award winning lash artists with extensive training & unmatched lashing skills.

Each of our artists hold muliple lash tech certifications from notable companies such as Lash Affair, Paris Lash Academy, SugarPro Lash, Borboleta, Livbay Company, & more.

Custom, Client Oriented Approach

Our professional consultation tailors every service to meet your expectations.

A questionnaire & chat with your lash artist before every lash extension application, lash lift, or brow lamination is essential to get your best results. 

Home To The Signature "Soft Glam" Look

Electric Lash Årtistry is known for our signature style of light volume eyelash extensions known as a "soft glam" set.

This is an naturally flawless lash look that will have you saying "I woke up like this."

Not too long, just full enough, & tailored to enhance your eye shape.

This service meets your lash goals.

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Essential Looks

Best Lash Artists In Birmingham

Our Passion For Your Lashes Is What Makes Us So Good At Our Job