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Hybrid Eyelash Extensions: The Best of Both Worlds

Updated: Nov 9, 2021

Whether you’ve been getting your lashes done for years or are new to the world of lashes, you can’t deny the beauty of hybrid lash extensions.

This style of eyelash extension has become the most popular trend in the lash industry and has taken the beauty world by storm.

They are the perfect in between for those torn between getting classic or volume lash extensions. You can achieve fullness, length, definition, and so much more with a good set of hybrid lashes.

If you’ve been debating which type of eyelash extension are best for you, here are some facts about hybrid eyelash extensions to help you decide.

The Application Process Of Hybrid Eyelash Extensions-

To create a set of hybrid eyelash extensions, lash artists use a mixed application that combines Classic and Volume techniques.

If these terms are new to you: Classic eyelash extensions are applied by attaching a single extension to every individual natural lash. This results in more natural, subtle finish and the effects are similar to a “mascara” look.

While the process for applying Volume lash extensions differs slightly, it consists of a fan, made from thinner lash extensions, attached to a natural lash. This makes the lash line appear fuller, longer, and darker. Volume lashes are more customizable and can be adjusted depending on how dramatic of a look you want to achieve.

The three different styles of eyelash extensions and how they are applied. A diagram of classic eyelash extensions, diagram of hybrid eyelash extensions, and graphic of volume eyelash extensions
The Three Main Styles Of Eyelash Extensions

Compared to these styles, more precision and creative skill is needed to apply a full set of hybrid lash extensions.

A lash artist will usually apply a 50:50 mix of classic and volume lashes to achieve a hybrid look. Most lash artists strategically apply the classic eyelash extensions first then add the volume extensions to the remaining natural lashes. This application strategy makes it easier for the lash artist to isolate each natural lash before placing an extension. Close attention to detail and a high level of precision are essential for executing a flawless hybrid set of lash extensions.

You can see how combining lash application techniques can result in a look that is truly the best of both worlds. Hybrid lash extensions give your lashes more length and fullness while creating a soft glam look.

The Benefits Of Hybrid Lashes

Made popular by the Kardashians, hybrid eyelash extensions appear textured and spiky looking, yet soft and subtle at the same time. These dual characteristics make hybrid lashes a perfect match for a wide variety of people.

Hybrid lashes are perfect for people who want an everyday look that’s a little more dramatic too.

If you’re that person thinking “I want longer, fuller eyelashes, but don’t want my lashes to look like they’re too much or fake”, hybrid lash extensions are perfect for you.

They are extremely customizable- the potential results are endless and can be tailored to your exact needs.

For example, hybrid lashes are great for those who have sections of their lash line which are sparser than others, or have naturally thin eyelashes. Shorter volume lashes can be applied with a focus in those areas to create an even fullness across the lash line. Longer classic lashes can then be applied with thicker natural lashes to achieve more length as well.

If you’ve tried Classic lash extensions, still want some more oomph, but don’t want to leap straight to Volume lashes- Hybrids are a great stepping stone.

They give you the chance to get a feel for what more voluminous lashes will look like on you. Hybrid lashes usually provide the perfect level of fullness and drama for anyone that tries them.

The Best Style Of Eyelash Extensions For You

When it comes to choosing your preferred style of eyelash extensions, there really is no right or wrong answer.

Everyone has a unique eye shape and type of natural lashes, which will influence which style of extensions will suit you best.

If you’re still unsure about what set you should book, talk it over with a lash artist. They will be able to recommend the best style of lashes that compliments your eye type and achieves your desired look.

And, you can always check out our instagram @electriclashlounge for more lash inspiration to help you decide what type of look you may want.

Love Always,


Owner of Electric Lash Lounge

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